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Mindfulness, Meditation, and Teeny Steps to Help Your Best Self Emerge - All Grade Levels

This group is a sacred community in which we support each other to let our best selves emerge. We will do a combination of basic yoga, meditation, and guided visualization, and an introduction to Mussar, the Jewish self-help practice. We will practice simple yoga and meditation two mornings/week. The other two days, we will learn about character traits and use journaling, reading, and talking to each other to set small goals to work on our “soul curriculum.”  

Intuitive Prayer: Learning How to Pray About Things that Matter to You - Recommended for 11th-12th Graders

We will lay the groundwork for understanding prayer as a useful means of expressing our actual needs and concerns. We will use non-prayerbook prayers as starting points for formulating our own prayers, and we will keep a journal of these prayers for future use.

Social Justice and Chesed (Lovingkindness) - All Grade Levels

How do we approach the world with compassion, even in the face of injustice? How can we use that loving kindness to help us pursue justice? We will spend some of our time together cultivating our compassion through mindfulness practice, some of our time learning about the Jewish tradition's wisdom on justice, and some of our time learning about social justice issues facing our country today.


Learning to Lead: Jewish Biblical Kings and Their Hard-Won Lessons for Leadership​ - Recommended for 8th-10th Graders

We will study and reflect upon the first three Jewish kings as models of leadership, failure, and recovery from failure. We will develop text-interpretation and extrapolation skills (no Hebrew necessary!) as well as gain exposure to different levels of textual interpretation through the last 2000 years.

Ethical Dilemmas Through a Jewish Lens - Recommended for Rising 11th-12th Graders

Is the death penalty ever acceptable? Can we ethically use Josef Mengele’s medical research? For such an ancient tradition, Judaism has some big things to say about modern conundrums. This course will explore contemporary ethical dilemmas. We will learn multiple approaches to ethical decision making, look at modern case studies, and delve into the wisdom of our Jewish texts. 

You are a Jewish Woman, and You Matter! - Recommended for 11th-12th Graders

In this course, we’ll examine some foundational texts about women in Jewish law and the Tanakh. We’ll bring a modern lens, exploring what they mean to us today and how we, as Jewish women, struggle with and/or reject the roles set out for us by tradition. Topics covered include obligation, modesty, mikvah, and whatever else you bring to the Zoom room! This class is open to any Jewish-identifying woman looking to explore her full self. All experiences welcome. Taught by a Jewish woman who has moved within the worlds of religious and liberal Judaism and is working on finding her place! 

A look into Christians in the Tanakh: A perspective from one modern Christian and a brief survey of the New Testament  - Recommended for Current Gann 10th-12graders

Have you ever wanted to know more about Christianity? Who are these people, and what exactly are their beliefs? This study will focus on some of the core ideas and beliefs of many Christians from the perspective of Ray Daniels, music teacher and self-proclaimed Christian scholar at Gann Academy. Let’s dive into the words of Jewish Christians (New Testament) and compare what was said about the Messiah in the Tenakh to shine light in our understanding of our modern world.



Hebrew from the Beginning - All Grade Levels Welcome, Recommended for Beginners

Do you know the letters of the Alef-Beit? Are you wondering where to go next? Hebrew for Beginners may just be for you! In this course, we will enrich our vocabulary and our speaking and writing skills in a fun, friendly, and supportive Zoom room.

!ברוך הבא/Welcome!

Advanced Hebrew: Israel's News and Current Events All Grade Levels Welcome

Are you an experienced Hebrew speaker looking to connect with others in the language this summer? In this course, we will enrich our vocabulary, speaking, reading, and writing skills by exploring and reading Israel's news and current events.

Jewish and Arab Identities in Contemporary Israel - All Grade Levels

This course will explore the intersections between Arab and Jewish identity in Israel through food, TV/movies, music, and more. Students will learn about these complex identities and how they may (or may not) overlap with other labels such as "Israeli," "Palestinian," or "Mizrahi." Classes will include consuming bilingual media in translation, cooking traditional dishes together, and discussing the way different expressions of identity play out. 

Mindfulness & Meditation

Our inner lives matter just as much as our outer ones.These courses are designed to help you connect with Jewish spirituality through  mindfulness and prayer.

& Conversation

Spending time with Torah offers us the chance to understand our own lives better. Take this track to dive deep into reading and conversation.


Curious how Jews around the world live, practice, and identify? These courses are meant to inform and inspire your own Jewish Journey.





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