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Around the World in 30 days: A Culinary Tour - All Levels

Have you ever wanted to learn about world cultures and traditions through their food ways?
Do you like trying new foods? Are you an avid cook looking for some new and interesting techniques or ingredients? Do you just want to expand your palate? Have you always wanted to learn how to cook? Join us for our tour around the world through food. During our time together, we will learn about foods from around the world and the stories they tell us. We will cook exciting new dishes, try new foods, and have some fun and learn together, all while exploring the globe. 

Contemporary Dance - All Grade Levels Welcome, must have prior dance experience 

This course will dive into the technique, choreography, and culture of contemporary dance worldwide. Most classes will be movement-based to allow us to move, express, and create synchronously. In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn about prominent contemporary choreographers, companies, and productions. Most importantly, this course will allow students to express themselves on a deep level in a safe and welcoming space.

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and Music Making - Beginner Level

The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has changed the landscape of music composition. Before this platform was widely used, musicians had to have a deep understanding of music theory and composition to create a cohesive musical work. The DAW has unlocked the doors of opportunity for music composition, songwriting, beat-making and production. This class is for beginners wanting an opportunity to learn more about writing, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), songs, and hip hop. Once the Bandlab DAW platform is reviewed, students will work independently and/or collaboratively to advance their skills. Participants will contribute to an album of work by the end of the summer.  


DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and Music Making - Advanced Level

The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has changed the landscape of music composition.  This work space is for students who are ready to work on their technique and further their own knowledge through study, collaboration and connecting with a music-making community. For this class, students will need to have a working knowledge of at least one DAW (e.g. Logic, Bandlab, Caustic 3, Garage Band, etc.). Students will work independently and/or collaboratively to advance their skills. Participants will contribute to an album by the end of the summer.  


Monologue Master Class - All Grade Levels

Learn how to perform a monologue with truth and intention. Prepare now to rock that future audition. Gain powerful public speaking skills that will benefit you on and off the stage. Through interactive, studio-style Zoom classes you will learn how to:


• Interpret a monologue for auditions or performance
• Break down your monologue into acting beats
• Use actioning techniques to achieve your objective in your monologue
• Expand your physical and vocal range to portray characters with authenticity and specificity
• Choose monologues that are a great fit for you and for a specific audition
• Audition well by handling your non-acting moments with confidence and ease

Whether you are new to acting or a seasoned performer, this class is for you!

APUSH: Hit the Ground Running - Recommended for 10th-12th Graders

In this course, students will learn the basic skills of the AP US History exam (including how to answer multiple choice, short answer, long essays and the infamous document-based question!).  They will also learn some of the key patterns and trends of US History (those likely to appear on the APUSH exam).  Students taking the AP course in the upcoming year will be well prepared and well ahead of the curve both in their class – and for the exam! This course is for students about to take APUSH - usually 10th-12th grade.

“Moot Supreme Court: How to Argue Like an Appellate Lawyer” - All Grade Levels

In this course, each student will pick a case that will either be on next year’s Supreme Court docket or one that was ruled on previously.  Students will learn the various ways in which justices interpret the constitution, how precedent cases help us better understand the constitution, and how to craft a compelling argument before the Supreme Court.  Students will then compose a short overview of the case for their classmates (who will be taking on the role of justices) and argue that case before their classmate justices – and a few guest justices as well. 

Is It Legit? News and Information Literacy - Recommended for 8th-9th graders

We have unlimited access to information and the information we share has the power to affect lives. How do you become both news-literate and information-literate? What is the connection between these two types of literacy? How do you verify information? What are the components of academic integrity?  In this summer course, students will learn how to locate reliable information; evaluate sources; and develop academic integrity. In this summer course, students will learn how to locate reliable information; evaluate sources; and develop academic integrity. 

Writing Composition – All Grade Levels
In this course, students work on refining analytical and expository writing skills (everything you need to write a great essay!) The focus is on the building blocks of good writing -- argument, organization, clarity of thought, and mechanics. This course is available to all students looking to have more focused time and instruction devoted to their writing.


Creative Writing – All Grade Levels
In this course, we compose poems and stories and create writing portfolios while reading some of the world’s best writers. “Make it new,” said Ezra Pound, and so we seek in writing both its transformative and transcendent qualities. In both our reading and writing, we explore how poems and stories are made, paying close attention to the rhythms and musicality of words. In general, students should expect to be reading exceptional published work, writing in response to a wide variety of prompts, and giving and receiving peer feedback.

Reading Your Soul: Jewish Literature Across the Ages – All Grade Levels
For centuries, Jews have written. In this course, we’ll be reading and analyzing vital texts of Modern Jewish Literature (from 1800 – present). We’ll read a mix of authors – American, Polish, Russian, Israeli, male, female, poets, short story writers—all in English translation. We’ll explore how these texts speak to the profound questions of being a Jew: Who am I? What do I value? Tradition or progress? Assimilate or isolate? Is there a God? Come discover yourself in these texts.

A look into Christians in the Tanakh: A perspective from one modern Christian and a brief survey of the New Testament  - All Grade Levels

Have you ever wanted to know more about Christianity? Who are these people, and what exactly are their beliefs? This study will focus on some of the core ideas and beliefs of many Christians from the perspective of Ray Daniels, music teacher and self-proclaimed Christian scholar at Gann Academy. Let’s dive into the words of Jewish Christians (New Testament) and compare what was said about the Messiah in the Tenakh to shine light in our understanding of our modern world.

Arabic Basics - All Grade Levels

Have you ever been intrigued by the beautiful curling Arabic script? Have you ever seen it written on street signs in Israel or other places and wondered how to read it? In 4 weeks, we will learn the alphabet, how to connect the letters, and sound out words. Did you know that the Arabic alphabet is the writing system used by many languages all over the world, not just Arabic? In this course we will learn not only the alphabet, but also greetings and introductions in Levantine Arabic, as well as Arab cultural expressions such as cooking, movies, and more! This class is for students who have never taken Arabic before and beginner students looking for some review. It can be a great foundational precursor for Arabic study in the fall.

Fun with French! - All Grade Levels, Recommended for Beginners

How many times have you thought, "I would love to take French, but I just don't have the time"? Well, here is your chance! Come join us in Fun with French! We will learn some basic French grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, explore the French-speaking world both globally and locally, and learn about Francophone pop culture. In the end, you will walk away with some basics of French communication and culture and hopefully a burning desire to learn more. Little to no experience with French necessary.

Hebrew from the Beginning - All Grade Levels, Recommended for Beginners

Do you know the letters of the Alef-Beit? Are you wondering where to go next? Hebrew for Beginners may just be for you! In this course, we will enrich our the vocabulary and our speaking and writing skills in a fun, friendly, and supportive Zoom room.

!ברוך הבא/Welcome!

Advanced Hebrew: Israel's News and Current Events All Grade Levels Welcome

This course will explore the intersections between Arab and Jewish identity in Israel through food, TV/movies, music, and more. Students will learn about the complex identities of Jews and Arabs and how they may (or may not) overlap with other identities such as "Israeli," "Palestinian," or "Mizrahi." Classes will include consuming bilingual media in translation, cooking traditional dishes together, and discussing the way different expressions of identity play out. 

Spanish Language Legends - All Grade Levels, Recommended for Experienced Beginners

Review the past tenses in Spanish while practicing reading comprehension and discussion. Each week students will read a different short legend from a Spanish-speaking country, learn about the culture of that country, and practice using the past tense to tell stories. The course will be conducted entirely in Spanish. Recommended for students with one to two years of Spanish experience. 

¡Conversemos!: A Spanish Conversation Course - Recommended for Students with 2 or more years of Spanish

Each day in this conversation course will be based around a general theme or prompt. Students will engage with each other and the instructor to practice expressing their ideas and opinions, listening carefully, asking questions, and expanding their vocabulary. Spanish grammar is not the focus, but it will be covered according to student needs. The course will be conducted entirely in Spanish. Prior Spanish experience necessary, but knowledge of any specific cultural themes is not. 

Let’s talk Art: Conversations about Hispanic Artists and Their Creations - Advanced Level

This course is aimed at providing an integration of art, culture and conversational Spanish. It will give students an understanding of paintings by Spanish and Latin American artists, from Renaissance through Contemporary Art. Candidates should have taken at least 3 years of Spanish. Recommended for rising 10th graders and up.






Whether culinary arts, dancing, making music, or the world of theater is your thing, there are pathways to explore these interests this summer at Gann. Come check out what our faculty has been cooking up!

World Languages

Marhabaan! Bonjour! Shalom! Hola! 

Welcome to World Languages. Come explore the globe and get to know new cultures through the languages available below.


Explore the U.S. supreme court, create a world of your own through the written word, or learn to discern fact from fiction in an ever-changing world. These humanities offerings are sure to surprise and intrigue.